Steam deck 維修

更換電磁搖捍一對 $350 包材料

L   /   R 鍵接觸不良 $250

另報價項目 觸屏問題  / 不插電不開機 電池問題 / 打機掉FPS 比較正常steam deck 慢/ 報價維修

Steam Deck 本身機身重 L R 鍵 損壞維修.

Steam deck Cannnot boot

1.Start with Steam Deck off.

2.Hold Volume + button and power.

3.Choose “Boot from file”.

4.Select esp/efi/steamos/steamcl.efi.

5.Wait until SteamOS boots (there will be a blank screen for some time, but Steam should start after that).

6.Go to desktop mode.

7.Open Konsole.

8.Run following command:

9.sudo efibootmgr -c -L “SteamOS” -l “\EFI\steamos\steamcl.efi” -d /dev/nvme0n1p1